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Nic, Female, English. Likes Telltale Games, SNK/AOT, Skulduggery Pleasant, ATLA/LOK, GOT, Free!, TLOU, Marvel, Whedon, Scandal and a whole bunch of crappy things I probably shouldn't.

Tiny SP books! Already did this before but now they’re smaller and more up to date! I’ve got them all up to the end of the world (although TEOTW needs redoing because I made the cover backwards, you can see it on the first picture there) but I still need to do KOTW. If any awesome Australians¬† want to help a girl out and take a photo of their book spine, (it doesn’t even have to be that good! Just a picture of the spine!) I would be willing to draw them literally anything or feature them on my pathetic blog or something. Also you would have my eternal gratitude, which is priceless. So if any of you have a book and a spare minute… I will love you for all eternity. NOTE: Got the picture! Thank you jdniemand!

I’m hoping to give these to Derek at his Birmingham signing, if I can even get there. School ends at 3:20pm on a Friday and the signing will start at 5pm, but even then my Mom says the traffic might make us too late when we get there. I’m considering taking the train if that’ll get me there any sooner since there’ll be no traffic there. I don’t think they’ve turned anyone away yet but I don’t know because this’ll be my first signing. I’m defiantly going to try anyway, I just need to figure out which will be the fastest way into Birmingham on a Friday afternoon, train or car. So, which other minions will be turning up to B’ham???

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